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Life as a Post-grad

>> Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hi, Mid of 2016.

Time is running very quickly. I remembered how much stressed I had in the semester 2 of my post-grad life.
Been chasing after the time. Tonnes of presentations, assignments, postings, reports, assessments etc. 3 presentations is a day, rushed assignment in 2 days, prepared dissertation proposal within 2 weeks.
Really exhausted.
Yet sem 2 was all about self-learning, glad that I am able to went out for dates, dinner, movies with my favorite people.

I always cant wait to end this post-grad life. I cant wait to step into the society, to work, and to earn money again.
Yes, you might be jealous of my student's life.. but probably you dont know how much courage needed to quit your job, back to university & compete with those 'younger' than you, crack your head to memorize again (getting old now T.T ), no income (most importantly!).
Please dont tell me: aiyoo ask from your parents lah.
No, I just can't accept their money. It's time to take care of myself, with my own savings.
So, post-grad student is "MEMANG MISKIN".
Apa pun naik harga, how to survive? 

Thanks to myself- my mentality, my strength, my body
Thanks for enduring my stress + tiredness from part time work.
Thanks for being good and hold on throughout my hard times.

Whatever it is,
I know after this, I won't be going back to the life as a student. I won't. I don't think I will continue my PhD. *i think i will go crazy*
So I will REALLY 'enjoy' this journey -18 months of a life as a student. I will need to make sure that I enhance my knowledge, and contribute to the society one day.
I am not a girl that has a big dream. I am just an ordinary girl, seeking for a better life by being a citizen that contributes with my own profession.

I am happy with what I am having now. This post is probably will be useful to remind me: to be glad for everything, to endure some challenges in life, to flash back my student's life.
So that one day when I turn back & look at my past, it is something that can be proud of.

Post grad life, CHEERS!

NERD enough!

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