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Summary of 2016

>> Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hey hey hey
I know I have not been updating for months.
Busy, just too busy.

Before a new post for my 2017, lets do a quick sum up for my 2016.

Moments that I felt glad in 2016:
1. Win $$ for the very FIRST time in Genting - still excited till now.

2. Got the key for my own very FIRST apartment

3. Joined Association of Optometry after years of graduations & became one of the committee members for Optometric Symposium

4. Managed to balance up my studies while working during weekend

5. Found a new place as locum (and I am still working in the company till today - PROUD)

6. Joined eye care charity event (which I have been wanted to contribute my part to the society)

7. Bought air tickets for travel in 2017, 2 countries!!

8. Passed semester 2 of my Master course (I passed the damn clinical exam!)

9. First concert - JAY Chou's !! *love*

10. Managed to collect my thesis data as scheduled

11. Able to spent quality time with family despite of pack schedule

12. Able to travel to Bangkok with family despite of pack schedule

13. Able to made a short getaway with Mr boyfriend despite of pack schedule

14. Still so in love with Mr boyfriend ;)

2016 passed in a glance.
Its just a busy year with studies which I don't really had much time to reminiscing it.
What I remember was how Mr boyfriend & I managed to squeezed time for each other. As I rented a room in KL, our lepak place was always Sunway Putra Mall / Quill City Mall. It was also a year that I visited IOI Mall a lot - place that I spent my time the most during my exam period, assignments or simply waiting for Mr boyfriend for lunch/dinner.
I am glad that we both able to find a way to meet each other regardless of the situation.

till then. I am looking forward 2017 too.


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