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Runaway to Gold Coast

>> Thursday, June 19, 2014

Planning a future vacation is a motivation.
A motivation for me to work harder, earn more.
I am just an ordinary girl, who love to travel all around the world.
He said, let's plan another trip. And I smiled.

A runaway from hectic work,
Finish up all my annual leaves (I left 2 days AL this year T.T),

Spending time with his family, 

Spent all my Ringgit Malaysia,
Stayed in a harmony town,
Hugged a Koala bear, 

Said Hi to Kangaroo,

Caught a fish for the first time in my life,

Honeymoon with boyfriend.

It was so so so awesome.

Why time runs so fast when I'm happy?
5 days spent in Gold Coast, Australia is just not enough for me.
Throw my iPhone asides, skip away from my work.
Beautiful moments meant to be remember.
The time passed so fast, making me value the time I spent.
The people, the scenery, the sea, the wind, the theme park, the foods.

Just a 2 hours of difference from Malaysia,
Even I am back to Malaysia, I am still used to waking up at 5am and feeling sleepy at 10pm.
It goes on and on.

I wish I could turn back time and stop it.
I miss everything in Australia.

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Elaine Mah July 17, 2014 at 4:08 PM  

It sounds awesome!! I'm going there next year Chinese New year!! Mind to share your iterenary with me? ��

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