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Another Moment, My Graduation

>> Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yes, i actually did graduated and had been working for one year.
I always complaint the university for having the graduation ceremony LATE.
They keep changing the date and finally the date is set one year after we graduated.

I thought I will never have any excitement for it.
But the truth is, I do care about this ceremony.
Until that day itself. The moment I was standing on the stage for my certificate.
And I realized, this was the thing that I was waiting for.
Looking at my parents, how proud they are.
Looking at my classmates, how tough we had been through.

I can't believe that the sense of MISS SCHOOLING LIFE is still rolling in my heart.
Ashley made me thought of the first day.
How lonely is everyone.
How dynamic is our class.
My tears, fall truly from my heart.
NIOS Batch 4 will always be in my heart.
I'll never forget, each of them.

Thank you classmates for bringing so much cheers and joys during the class. I was too lucky to be in batch 4.

Thank you daddy mummy and siblings for being so supportive all this while. You guys always encouraged me and volunteered to be my subject during my clinic practice.

Thank you University for making me meeting the love of my life. We studied for exam, slept in the car, had dinner to skip traffic jam. How much splendid moments University had brought to us.

Thank you University for making me a good Optometrist.

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