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>> Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The past 2 months were considered as a hectic one to my family and me.
Grandma was admitted into hospital, then discharged then being admitted again.
My dog then was knocked by a car few days later and her joint was dislocated.
Too many things happened altogether.

Almost every night we rushed to PPUM to visit grandma and feed her.
Why rush? It's because the staffs will not let visitors in after 8 - 8.30pm.
Even though you managed to escaped at the main entrance, you still have to undergo the second stage, which is the entrance to the ward.
If you miss the 'train'- you have to wait nurse to come out in order to let you in.
The so-called 'train' is the automatic lock door.
But I would like to praise those nurses in PPUM for being so helpful and kind. They even helped my grandma to remove the blackheads on her nose!

After grandma being discharged, dad decided to fetch her to our house.
Honestly speaking, this is the first time she stay in our house, and this is the first time we taking care of her (with her not well condition).
From being so talkative to barely recognizing us, I had realized how much grandma has became weaker as just compared to few months ago.
She used to walk fairly good and now she can't even walk.

Feeding her, changing her diapers, bathing her, physiotherapy have become part of our daily routine.
I went to pharmacy to buy dressing set, I learnt to clean up her bedsores.
Everyone in the house just give a hand to take care of her.
I believe, despite of lacking experience, we are consider not bad.

Time flies.

Have you realized that people beside us are getting old days by days?
They might not be able to stay with us for a long period, but please do appreciate every moment you get to spend with them.


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