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The Last Day of 2014

>> Sunday, January 4, 2015

I always love the last day of every year.

I celebrated the eve with his bestie with dinner, challenging room & yamcha.
Most importantly, the dinner was treated by his friend, even though the main reason for this treat is not for my bday yet I'm still feeling happy about it ;P
And finally, managed to escape from Escape Room! I'm no longer  a loser. *wink*

I have a great family that willing to wait for me till late night just to celebrate with me. I didn't know. So this is why we call it - the surprise.

The story does not end yet. That day itself I was surprised by my siblings.
Early in the morning, as I get into my car, I first saw a 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' sticker on my window.
Once I open the door, I saw a present on the car seat, with another sticker written 'I Love You' placed on the steering.
I love my sisters, so much. They never failed to surprise me, each time.

Kick start the morning with him with the breakfast that we loved, combination of nasi lemak + half-boiled egg and roti.
Headed to watch movie as movie tix was given free by the cinema.
The most exciting thing on that day is the dinner.

Him, first time being so secretive! Drove all the way to KL without telling me where he's bringing me to.
He brought me to a dining place that I have been wanted to try since so long ago.
Dining In The Dark!
It's really an unique and memorable dining experience.
We had the dinner in total darkness, fully depending on our other senses to feel every sound, every movement & every taste.
Our guide is a blind lady, leading us throughout the dinner.
You don't know what you are being served and how to eat it. It's just TOO DARK.

Dinner In The Dark.
With the love & the birthday gift - handbag.

Another surprise came along after our dinner, once we got out from the dark room.
Before I managed to adapt my eyes to the brightness, I was surrounded by all the staffs.
I heard someone playing the guitar, singing birthday song & I saw someone holding a mini cake to me.
Too happy and can't react. Everything was just arranged by him.
And I didn't know he can be that romantic too. *falling-in-love*

This time, we did not go for any new year countdown.
We just don't feel like squeezing with the crowds.

I was blessed...

And then.. here comes the 2015. ;)

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